Video production /
music production

Shooting, editing, production, distribution, music production, game scenarios, etc.

We undertake shooting, editing, and production of DVD bonus videos, message VTRs, game and animation promotion videos, game opening videos, making videos and so on that are unique in the industry, including shooting and editing of TVCMs, music videos, live videos, corporate VPs (company introductions, product descriptions).

Track record

  • Machico, “1mm Symphony” (MV production)
  • Machico, “Everlasting Glory” (MV production)
  • Akira Kushida, 50th Anniversary Album of His Debut: Delight (DVD bonus video production)
  • Performance by the Japan Opera Foundation, Super Opera, Suzue Miuchi Original, ‘Glass Mask’
  • Opera “The Crimson Goddess” (Promotion video production)
  • “Mobile Suit Gundam Online” (PV production)
  • “KDDI Health Insurance Society” (Video production)
  • “Bonesetter Fraudulent Claim” (Eradication video production)
  • Animax, AnimaxCafe+ (Distribution announcement CM production)
  • “Kawasaki Shinkin Bank” (Video production)
  • “Soul of Women” (Video production)
  • Masami Okui, “Masami Okui Birth Live 2016: TURNING POINT” (Shooting and editing)
  • JO☆STARS, “Special Live 2016: Bizarre Night” (Shooting and editing)
  • Takeshi Konomi, “I’m sad… because you’re too close” (MV production)
  • Takeshi Konomi, “Thank you for supporting the Prince of Tennis” (MV production)
  • Saeko Zogo featuring Nagareda Project, “triage” (MV production)
  • sweet ARMS, “Blade of Hope” (MV production)
  • sweet ARMS, “I swear” (MV production)
  • TV animation, “Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan” (DVD bonus shooting and editing)
  • App, “Chain Chronicle: Brave New Continent” (Promotional video production)
  • PS Vita, “Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable V2” (Promotion video production of Gather, Young People! Enlistment)
  • PS Vita, “Bullet Girls 2” (Promotion video production)
  • PS Vita, “Omega Labyrinth” (Promotion video production)
  • Nintendo 3DS, “Dream Girl Premier” (Long PV production)
  • App, “Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel: And Maidens in the Myth” (TVCM production)
  • Rika Tachibana 2nd Photo Book, ‘Miyabi’ (Bonus DVD shooting and editing)
  • Ishikawa Jyushi Kogyo Co., Ltd., ‘Plakira’ (Video production of website CM “Wedding Edition”)
  • Karaoke, “PASELA” (Karaoke video shooting)
  • Newly built condominium, “Property Introduction Movie” (Video production), and many others