Animation / dubbed sound production

All works related to video work sound

We make proposals according to the client’s budget and schedule, including casting, arrangement of sound-related staff,
production schedule, and budget management.

  • Proposals of
    sound director and staff

    We will propose voice actors, composers, and sound effects staff and so on (who are experienced in the field) according to the direction of the work and the request of the client.

  • Casting

    We will propose a cast according to the character’s image and direction plan according to the budget.
    We will also arrange auditions as needed.

  • Dubbed translation

    Not only will we translate to make the foreign actors themselves who are performing appear to speak Japanese, but we will also translate according to the direction plan such as the flow of the scene and mouth movement.

  • Manuscript data submission,
    script creation

    We will hand over the submitted data such as scenarios and storyboards to the printing office, and create a dubbing script.

  • Booking of recording studio

    We will book the studio to be used for dubbing, and determine the mixer and sound effects.
    We will propose the most suitable studio considering the recording style, budget, the number of people who can be present, quality and so on.

  • Dubbing

    We will record the actual lines and narration in the recording studio.
    During this time, an experienced sound effect director or a recording director in the field will direct on-site according to the client’s order.

  • Mix and dubbing

    This is the final process of sound adjustment work.
    It is the process of matching the recorded lines and narration data with BGM and sound effects.
    We will balance each and finish them to be the target sound image.

  • Mastering and delivery

    We will create and deliver master data for delivery according to the format of each released medium.